Role of white space in web design.

07 May 2020 1 min

There is to much white space, let’s add some elements in there.This is the most common phrase a designer will hear. It is unnecessary to fill every corner of the viewpoint with some elements. But, more importantly, I am not saying you should add too much whitespace, but to have a reasonable amount that serves a role in your design.

White space is an active element of the design. Don’t treat it as a passive background.

Let’s look into a few websites and there uses of whitespace.

1. Watch Google

Whitespace in used to make the search bar clear visible and understandable. watch-google-whitespace settings.

2. Watch Apple

They increase the attention to the product using whitespace. apple-website-whitespace settings.

3. Watch Spotify

Whitespace does not need to be white. spotify-website-whitespace settings.

So, always use whitespace as a active element and always check the answer of following question:

1. Is there enough whitespace in my design?

2. What roles does it play?