Nepali character or text display issue in Ubuntu.

30 Aug 2020 1 min

With the default installation of ubuntu, Nepali script and character will not render properly in Chrome/Chromium or any other browser.

While working with one of my web project, I notice character written in nepali in web application is not displaying correctly. I though it was issue with project itself. But later realized other device Android Phone and Window PC render the website correctly. After wondering for a while, finally realized my device is configure properly to support this script.

I solve it by installing some package from ubuntu repository:

  • firefox-locale-ne - Nepali language pack for Firefox
  • fonts-deva-extra - Free fonts for Devanagari script
  • language-pack-gnome-ne - GNOME translation updates for language Nepali
  • language-pack-gnome-ne-base - GNOME translations for language Nepali
  • language-pack-ne - translation updates for language Nepali
  • language-pack-ne-base - translations for language Nepali