What font psychology says about the different fonts?

07 May 2020 1 min

Font Psychology: It is the study of how different font impact thought, feeling and behaviors of user. Every font has identity and personality and as a designer, we can use it as our advantages.

Deciding on which font to use is always a complicated choice. In this article, I will list common font types and it’s uses.

Here are the compiled list of major font and there possible uses.

1. Serif

Time New Roman | Trajan | Garamond | Georgia | Baskerville

They are the most commonly used font for formal, governmental, other business which business domain are finance, law and insurance.

Associated with:

  • trust
  • authority
  • formality
  • class
  • grandeur

Used for:

  • financial companies
  • law firms
  • insurance companies
  • consultants

2. San Serif

helvetic | verdana | open san | gill san | futura

Use these fonts on relatively new businesses and products design that are innovative.

Associated with:

  • straightforward
  • modern
  • trust
  • sophisticated
  • cutting-edge
  • clean and simple

Used for:

  • technology company
  • fashion brand
  • startup companies

3. Script

lucida script | lobster | grand hotel | scriptina pro

Mostly these fonts are better to use on products and businesses which target individual and children.
Associated with:

  • elegant
  • fancy
  • creative
  • personal
  • emotional

Used for:

  • food and beverage
  • fashion brand
  • children focused brand

4. Slab Serif

arvo | rockwell | turbine | memphis | soho

These fonts suits well with the businesses and products that are impactful and bold.

Associated with:

  • confident
  • solidity
  • bold
  • impactful

Used for:

  • technology brand
  • automotive brand